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22:26The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
22:24Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)Skatījumi 3,8 milj.Pirms 21 dienas
24:53Tucker Carlson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
21:14Unemployment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
25:55Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)Skatījumi 3,8 milj.Pirms Mēneša
18:42Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
10:59Season 7 Finale: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
27:06Election Results 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
19:06William Barr: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
William Barr: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)Skatījumi 6 milj.Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
21:25Asylum: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Asylum: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)Skatījumi 4,7 milj.Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
20:30Election 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
21:13The Supreme Court: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
21:33Border Wall II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Border Wall II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)Skatījumi 4,8 milj.Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
20:37Juries: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Juries: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)Skatījumi 7 milj.Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
28:29U.S. History: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
U.S. History: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)Skatījumi 7 milj.Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
21:11Facial Recognition: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
33:33Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)Skatījumi 16 milj.Pirms 10 Mēnešiem
19:12Voting by Mail: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  • John Oliver saying Mom, not Mum: traitor!!

  • the latest gen is also not having any kids, no one to take care of you when you are old, this is bad

  • Mind your own business foreigner!

  • Mind your own business foreigner!

  • Mind your own business foreigner!

  • john oliver saying he's "not an economist" just goes to show he has no idea what he is fucking talking about...

  • me:

  • Damn the way bowen choked up like that cut deep :/

  • Me, like every aracnophobic watching this... got very scared when he said hes gonna be back in the void because of spiders. Hes never wrong. He hasnt been so far.. 5 years is NOT enough time to prepare..

  • Get me some beef Gurwich

  • I luv luv luv John Oliver he tells it like it is and he's funny as hell doing it!....he's a very intelligent comedian

  • As someone that works in the kitchen at a county-run nursing home, another thing that should be changed is the state food regulations because the nursing home gives the diabetic residents food that often gets tossed out.

  • Something maybe missed here. That triangle with arrows is NOT a recyclable sign if there is a number within it. It is purely a resin identification number. The logo was deliberately chosen by plastics company so consumers would confuse it for recyclable.

  • meanwhile,me sitting here in germany where the biggest daily newspaper get investigated because of abusing their power and bullying.

  • DOING THE BEST HE CAN = AN INSULT in my opinion

  • Bob Murray sounds like the villain from a Captain Planet episode. Also side note check out megamind here 8:32 You could project this very fucking episode at 4K on that Brobdingnagian dome.

  • It's very easy for anybody to demonize an entire industry by speaking of it generally instead of specifically and without interrogating those within the industry to be objective talking to experts in an interview like manner to answerable to any charge you bring. Having journalistic Integrity when doing a review where you've actually tested the products and or services yourself let alone call out an industry on scam in this video he's not being conducted one iota of real research I'll bet those participants are all paid too that's like Bill Ackman this how lazy this hack is - I could easily mimic what he does taking the very worst part of John Oliver's industry make him look stupid - why even stick to his industry of journalism after all true pyramid don't sell any but membership so Herbalife isn't a pyramid so he has to go around and call it a legal pyramid. Without testing a product and calling out a company for product that actually work is quite frank an "legal" scam because media can slander quite "legally" and most people don't know that because when you misrepresenting or highly exaggerate your claims it is illegal if you didn't put a video camera in front of your face isn't that funny. I could even push the point that his in show business as this show Lask Week Tonight with John Oliver is more entertainment or rather farce then facts I could easily justify his industry less journalism more entertainment therefore show business well that industry is open slather for cult like behavior and or being the ultimate circus and not in a good way you would see how ridiculous type of reportage is across an entire industry You think a health company like Herbalife a cult in show business they intentional make their inner circle cult like and bring up bohemian Grove because this place is actually real where grown men run around butt naked and burn effigies and god knows what else because this is industry secret which quite frankly like the illuminati is not exactly a secret any more. The only ritualistic burning I've ever seen Herbalife conduct is a luau in Hawaii. Bohemian Grove is actually a real club Hollywood honchos and captains of industry and super elite belong to Do I care about whether the executives of HBO or John belongs do that or participates in that or not why get into small details like accountability when we can generalize is a lot more easier judge across a whole entire industry should we even care if it's the right industry when your hating on something why doesn't any pertinent matter throw in a few expert panel written jokes not even my own as long as it's popular even if we're no contender for a Peabody award in journalism at least we'll get viral hits as hitters are few and failing whiney haters are many. In Herbalife the most for cult like behavior I've ever seen very fervent applause for my Mark Hughes the founder if someone help solve a complex global problem I think the least you should be is grateful but Moreover it's very important he is front and Centre in order for it to work properly a product of nutritional is a very personal thing. It's not easy to convince someone who has not idea about your product's benefits to swallow it unless you do it first and necessitating being a product of product particularly because we're so greatly mislead these days by so many like big pharma and or the food Inc. who doesn't necessarily have our backs always. It's important to play follow the leader kind of an industry to gain trust and that may appear micky mouse and silly but it's critical when stakes are life and death. How would you like to be consuming products that you know somebody wouldn't give to their friends and family let alone themselves. Another example of John Oliver's hack journalism is take people's words out of context. The congress woman might never gain her position entirely from Herbalife but she certainly had an edge over other senators due to a great deal more energy she'd had gained and if you ever took the product you would realize that what she meant which could easily be akin to an unfair advantage when on average on Herbalife for over a year would experience generally two days' worth of more time produced from more energy due to working longer and sleeping less a week And that's what she means when she says I'm a product of the product. However John twisted it around to mean something completely benign. However I gained a great deal of business wisdom which did add to my business acumen from Herbalife directly from Jim Rohn was a world class business philosopher in a company that would give me a chance where most hadn't because of prejudice in other companies not just because your health is your wealth a lot of great pearls of wisdom. As for any ritualistic behavior I've never been to any events or heard of any events where people actually burn effigy's which is what happens at bohemian Grove amongst biz elites and God knows what else because even though the top echelon of media attends these things they don't want anyone to know let alone broadcast what goes behind those secret meetings whereas at Herbalife annual training events everybody is welcome except for the management training however anybody can earn the right with a little bit of elbow and or investment it's definitely not an elitist thing. At these events people the most ritualistically cult like thing you see is people are given big fat cheques bigger and fatter than any cheques that you've ever seen in any other industries if they even do bonuses at all and show appreciation for hard work and sometimes small efforts like rock stars - its big fun big big fun. If every company treated their sales team with such respect I expect they'd produce annual billion dollar turnovers too and the most animalist I've experiences ritualistic wise is a dance off with the prettiest boys and girls but high of exhibitionism of skin is probably less than what you can find at a high end party or night club as I did some and all just good clean fun and voluntary hey if you got it why not flaunt it - yeah baby for science of how to look good and feel great of course lol! Not like show business with less than friendly community of casting coach calls, ridiculous entitlement of those who can fit the stereotypes being IT (what IT is one could never really know) just to get in or even child molestation claim and it's not just the reject but the start who are treated this way like Cory Haines story and or Judy Garland not small player but the most famous stars. It's not even behind closed doors it often the main event or TV and made into a movie. Where appearance is everything and must be gained at all cost it's a wonder some people suicidal in this industry and or die premature death occurs it is why Mark Hughes created Herbalife in the first place because mother was one of it's victims as a struggling actor in Hollywood that why he wanted a safe and awesome supportive way to help people look and feel great. No there's only one fair way if you must judge a company by reviewing through through extensive use the products and or real industry knowledge within that company with unbiased eye and strong knowledge preferably by interviewing those who designed the business and or industry experts with HBO and John and or all Haters of Herbalife never could do. Google states: Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is being taught at more than 200 colleges including Harvard Business School. After extensive research into the network marketing industry, Harvard Business School developed 3 criteria that a network marketing company must have in order to make it a desirable opportunity.6 Nov 2013 Industry Experts: Harvard even quotes Herbalife as SHINING example of success here.,make%20it%20a%20desirable%20opportunity. Hearing both sides of the story it anything else it short of journalistic integrity.

  • I know people not worth a dotson

  • I'll end my life before being put in one of these.

  • They should change zoning laws to allow Granny Houses.

  • Well I mean it is slavery... unfortunately the 13th amendment didn’t eliminate slavery as punishment for a crime

  • Silly how Republicans are so upset about the national debt when their idea is to keep funding wars and relying on monopolies. Trumps idea of making jobs is throwing money at CEO's, instead of on infrastructure or producing goods, which will create jobs so long as there are both demand and resources to meet demand and services. Silly how we're running out of natural resources, and yet Trump's campaign was about being for the working man, showing for several months on tv and for years on his social media that he's backing coal mining in America. Great! ... except it's running out. Money won't make more mines. Time will. Trump and his good buddies getting tax cuts and more funding does nothing to help declining resources and declining demand.

  • "If he is willing to dig a big hole, he is willing to dig a small one" 😂

  • Like it if you just noticed the checkered tie reflection

  • Future generations will marvel at what assholes we were. But why wait, I say. 🤔

  • I recommend "I care a lot" on Netflix

  • 9:25 huh that's a good name for spank bank folder, "research" for one call mine "Annual Reports"

  • Seems like John is a bit jealous of Tucker.

  • Do NOT drag Björk into this. That is all.

  • I never thought I’d miss 2016 😂

  • Stop borrowing $$$$$$$ from China.

  • John, thank you so much for bringing this to light! I am 71 years old ,have several health issues not the least of which is the long term effects of surviving Polio as a 10 month old with residual damage. My biggest fear in life has been ending up in one of the many institutions like you mentioned. I pray that I can stay home until the end, but as if with many others, things don't seem favorable for that. Really, what can be expected? Like old cars ending up in the junkyard, many of us older folks feel that this will be our ending too. 😟😖

  • i'm convinced most people who are for abortion are extremely uninformed and do so because they think it's morally positive given their low level of understanding and want to show others that they're 'good people'. It lies within insecurity. Similar to how people share shit on social media about global warming or BLM or sexism when they don't actually care or really understand things, especially the policy prescriptions

  • 1:35 It's not a Last Week Tonight show without John reminding us that he's a furry. I love it.

  • wow, the amnesia is insane. I feel awful.

  • I worked at Brookdale in CO for a couple of years in the kitchen. All the staff are underpaid except of course the administrator and a few others. It's a ridiculously stressful work environment. Families and residents paid thousands a month to stay there and there was often very little for them to do and there were only ever about 3-5 nursing assistants during the day for, if I remember right, the roughly 300 residents staying there, and 2 at night! How can we change things on a national scale when the people running the nation don't even allow that to happen, anymore?

  • Almost thought i was about to watch Russel Howard

  • ​ @Ellie L ​​ So please tell me where I can get a balanced healthy meal for $1.06 US or $0.65 US wholesale so I can save money because this is the exact price of the Australian products converted to U.S. dollars just because media prevents it presents itself professionally it does not mean that it's done its research. I don't talk about things I don't know about let alone post videos to potential million unless it's a fictional or joke but there would be disclaimers not like this hack anyone listening to him for health or business is more stupid then he is. If this is if this is your idea of expensive then please tell me where I can get my meals for cheaper I think the only way that you're goanna find meals cheaper than that is make your own on a free charity line for rescued food organization that gives way reclaim food because your idea of expensive will put any food business let alone company out of business The price quoted you is that the vanilla shake which is a liquid replacement meal. This journalist hack would have you believe that you have to even go on a program to make health progress but fact is this is what mark used the founder of Herbalife sold in the very beginning which was just the humble shake from his car boot and that is not of itself is a balanced a liquid meal replacement shake which is basically two thing TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) and Modern Science from space food program. Herbalife cares a great deal about making its products affordable and accessible to all and keeps even its programs about the price of small McDonald's family restaurant meal so you will find it's always cost effective because they feed a lot of need children around the world and have their own charity which sponsors 220,000 orphaned children around the world John Oliver base his whole argument on what was started by Bill Ackman a privileged hedge fund manager Ackman was raised in Chappaqua, New York, the son of Ronnie I. (née Posner) and Lawrence David Ackman, the chairman of a New York real estate financing firm, Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group.[5][6] He is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.[7][8][9] In 1988, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree magna cum laude in Social Studies from Harvard College. His thesis was "Scaling the Ivy Wall: the Jewish and Asian American Experience in Harvard Admissions."[10] In 1992, he received an MBA from Harvard Business School.[11] whose real agenda was to make a billion dollars bet from bringing down a reputable company who ended up losing hundreds of thousand trying to topple a honest company by slandering by bribing Herbalife executive as he couldn't get find anybody high even who's left who would go on the record I have to say any really trash about an exceptional company which Let's be frank most companies there's more than one who'll left it who would go on the record say something bad about it without being paid but that is how good this company is it's people and consequently Bill behaviors is illegal. Though we knew he could get away with it because Herbalife as a no argument policy which it strictly adhere to from the very top down management to even wholesale consumers to maintain membership which is keep with its good wholesome company image but I'm tiger I don't let people destroy company I love for their own petty agendas. Why the heck would you take health advice from a scrawny guy with a head full of white hair like Bill Ackman and I'm not trying to be ageist here but he's no poster boy for good health so why take his health advice he looks like he could easily play Mr. Burns in The Simpsons with one foot in the grave? As for business advice Ackman is not exactly self-made Billionaire an entitle trust fund baby what does he care about the plight of the common person who's not above bribing witness to testify against Herbalife. Don't get played by scoundrels. getting a bit of double chin and he clearly colors his hair judging by when his off air tint it or something again not ageist but no poster boy for health. Early life and education[edit] Oliver was born on 23 April 1977 in Erdington, Birmingham, West Midlands, England,[10] to Carole and Jim Oliver. His father was both a school headmaster and social worker, and his mother was a music teacher. Both of his parents are originally from Liverpool, Merseyside. His uncle was the composer Stephen Oliver. William Boyd Carpenter, Bishop of Ripon and court chaplain to Queen Victoria, was his paternal great-great-grandfather.[5][11] Oliver learned to play the viola as a child.[12] Since childhood, he has been a fan of Liverpool FC, noting in interviews that "my mum's family are from Knotty Ash and my dad's family are from the Wirral, so supporting Liverpool was very much not a choice".[13] Oliver was educated in Bedford at the Mark Rutherford School.[5][14][15] Following secondary school, he studied at Christ's College, Cambridge. While a student there in the mid-to-late 1990s, Oliver was a member of the Cambridge Footlights, the university theatrical club run by students of Cambridge University. Oliver's contemporaries included David Mitchell and Richard Ayoade. In 1997, he became the club's vice president.[16][17] In 1998, Oliver graduated from Christ's College with a degree in English.[18][19] And John Oliver a bit of a trust fund baby too while was not as privileged at Bill Ackman background was by no means middle or lower class upbring with tied to Queen Victoria and educated at Christ College Cambridge where founder where actually Royal parentage by Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII What again would he know or care about the plight of the common person if it's doesn't directly benefit him to do so and for a guy who was education in an elite school like that with a headmaster for father you'd think he'd learn a thing about doing proper homework. Failures in business are always going to be the majority of any industry and because you can't see long or the big picture it even took several decades for this enterprise developer see it you can get fooled misrepresentation and if you're going to judge across and industry why not the whole industry How many super successful hedge fund managers do you know of in the world can you count among your fingers I bet it's just with one hand well how many celebrity presenters do you know probably by face and by name because that's how many there are only a hand full of them but then I ask you if you count how many high rollers are in Herbalife even in one country to commit to memory because that's there how many there are there. Herbalife has created more millionaires than any other company and the best chance an average person I believe for becoming wealthy I've ever known whether you are in it or not because good foundation it teaches you Why should any try to destroy their reputation why in a time of health crisis when it's been touted this is the generation children may die of obesity before their parents.

  • simple platitudes for the simple-minded

  • You’re fake news so we know what to expect from you. Race baiting.

  • inflation is already happening

  • I'm counting on Joe Biden to fix this republican f**k up.

  • this is a story about the other animals in the meat farms, the workers :)

  • I provide physical therapy in a nursing home. Prior to October 2019 reimbursement was volume based, meaning more therapy = more profit. Then the system changed so now more therapy = more money spent on my hourly pay vs a flat reimbursement rate. The bad companies slashed treatments from 75 mins to 30 mins. The good companies adjusted slightly to let us make the decision on how much therapy a patient actually needs while maintaining good outcomes.

  • Doesn’t surprise me, this country values money more than human lives.

  • 600 million people out of poverty we need China in Africa

  • It is literally 24 minutes of propaganda, Jon Oliver admit it's not designed to educate the viewers anything other than leave them with the impression that they "learned" something. You just need to come away from every video with some key points. "We need socialism" "Republican Bad" "Climate Change" "China Bad" "Trump Bad" This shit is just so creepy.

  • How come republicans only care about the national debt when they don't control the white house? How come none of them were complaining as the debt kept rising during the previous four years under the big orange balloon?

  • 3:30 😂😂😂

  • How about mandatory public service by 18 year olds to staff these it forward for when your old? I'd do it now and I'm 42...gladly put in some time to ensure I'd have it when I'm old?

  • Everyone! I haven't done the full R&D on some extended care facilities? But please, please, please, stay away from "A Place For Mom" - they are basically a broker and they are full of shit!!!!

  • Oliver is full of English smashed peas. It’s accurate to say that the vast majority of Southerners were rightfully defending their family homes, farmlands, churches against invading northern soldiers ordered by Lincoln to quell the Southern actions. For the good of blacks? No. Lincoln said he would free ALL the slaves, or NONE of the slaves or just SOME, for one reason. To preserve the United States of America. In fact it’s documented that if Lincoln could somehow develop a truce, he would negotiate slave states non-slave states and non-slave states yet to come. We will never know what would happen if that was the case because history didn’t allow for it.As for Lee he stayed with the United States Army through the succession of many states. He did not believe in the insurrection. But, when his home state of Virginia joined the South his sense of honor would not allow him to lead Northern armies against his homeland and neither would most of you. Finally for now, until the end of the century the South was broke crippled and defeated. There was no money for marble to build statues. Once the funds were available they went up at full speed. This sod goofed about the warring adversaries too. Check out the photographs and movies of any reunion of the Civil War soldiers and there was only camaraderie and sense of purpose. They are the only few that really have a say in what is happening today and they can’t speak for themselves so we must tell their story for them. I would be happy to debate these or other questions regarding the Civil War.

  • There is a massive problem with care homes, which is why families who actually care about their loved ones don't place them in care homes. The truly sad part of this problem is that so many people just dump their elderly or disabled in care homes instead of keeping their family at home and doing what is right. In some cases care by a nurse is necessary, but most of these selfish prick children are just unwilling to do what their parents did for them. They lie to themselves and give themselves a pat on the back for spending X dollars monthly to support their mom or dad living independently, but they are just self centered assholes who've bought in to their own rhetoric in order to justify more time spent on self gratification.

  • Truth - America is STEALING the Oil from the North East corner of Syria & not paying a cent for it. Only protecting Syria from Turkey to protect their stolen Oil.

  • This makes no,,, Cents!

  • so what about now huh, very objective Oliver?

  • Then what the hell am I paying into Medicare for?

  • man I'm so glad a dont live in the U.S.

  • I swear to Christ, John..if in 2026 we are forced to stay indoors because of an army of spiders I'm coming for you, disciple of Satan.

  • I told you what would happen if you tried to warn people about the spiders too soon, John!

  • So by that logic there should be statues of Hitler in Germany and throughout their conquered nations that Germany took over during World War II. Let’s also keep up the statues of Stalin in Russia. What about the one of Saddam Hussein Iraq? Should that have been left up to? History is history we can’t choose. I’m sure people who are in defense of this don’t realize or don’t care that the confederate states really never excepted the outcome of the war and did everything they could to keep slaves and their power.

  • I was worried my Mom would have to go into one. All of her daughters are disabled and I live in another state as well. It turns out she had developed a medication side effect but it was terrifying. AND this was in Florida

  • i am absolutely shocked. who the fuck would pay 6400$ for a 2013 chrysler motown??? the rest of the story didnt surprise me at all.

  • We didn't know what deficits were until Reagan.

  • Trump quadrupled the deficit.

  • 1:48 That should have gone on for three minutes instead!

  • It's not entitlements it's unfunded tax cuts.

  • We treat the elderly in the United States like garbage period! Republicans - Reagan.............

  • Joe was born in Springfield, ma. As a fellow masshole, I can say we don't claim him. he got his butt kicked in high school so he became a sheriff to get revenge.

  • For a self professed coward, I have always wondered how J the Oliver can get away bashing his employers. Lol

  • Countries only go bankrupt when they can't pay us.

  • That "Looking forward to 2020" comment did not age well

  • that guy everyone thought was crazy in the park, wearing the bitcoin costume is probably loaded.

  • Oliver said things...which if indian media will say they wud be banned 🤣🤣 well done Oliver..proper research.

  • The funniest part of this video is how many times he mentions the wildly speculative nature of the market in 2018. Just wait until 2020 lmao.

  • I'm a quadriplegic suffering hard to find a job. I don't fit the general category for someone who would be in a nursing home. I've been in about 20 to 30 different ones all through NJ/ NY. Some come "highly recommended". Most elderly people lie to their loved ones or are oblivious. It's true. You show up as a family member, you get the red carpet treatment. Meanwhile, the dining halls aren't properly cleaned, the kitchens are usually a mess, and the height of most resident's day is when a nurse offers to buy a bag of chips for them (which usually cost more than you could find in any waiting room everywhere ever). All the doors are locked, even for those that have their mental facilities. You need a doctors note to even leave the grounds except good luck getting one. They go out of their way to try and note that you're unable to think. It's a prison for the disabled. You're treated less-than by everyone. You have no voice or say in anything, including what you might need to survive. My room mate, at one point was talked into wearing diapers because the staff was unwilling to help transfer him. Speaking of prison, they tend to co-mingle the mentally insane, physically disabled, and ex-convicts. You heard that right, dealing is big in these places. Mostly because regardless of whatever money you had before getting in there, you're forced to live on a $50 dollar stipend each month. One ex-con I talked to referred to it as "one step above prison, one step below housing"

  • My mom was in a nursing facility after surgery for almost a year. My sister, her husband & I all visited her at separate times every single day, and we showed up at odd hours. They never knew when one of us would be showing up, and I think it helped her care... other people wanted her as a roommate because they assumed we'd keep an eye on them too. I brought her home as soon as I could, and took care of her until she died several years later. So hard to deal with everything, but anti-depressants (for me) helped a little.

  • Unpopular opinion but if you can't do anything and are bedbound euthanasia should be an available choice.

  • 1:46 ...not wanting the world to end is considered extremism??? America’s capitalist zeal is what’s extreme jfc

  • Oh dear lord that last bit...